Milli-Q® HR 7000 Connected,

High-Throughput Central Water Purification Systems

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Milli-Q® HR 7000 Connected,

The Milli-Q® HR 7000 series of connected, high-throughput systems are designed to deliver a powerful, versatile and modern central pure water solution. From a single laboratory to an entire research facility, the Milli-Q® HR 7000 range has the capacity to purify up to 13,000 L/day from tap water, reliably feeding all your type 3 water needs. This includes taps on benches, instruments, point-of-use polishers, and ultrapure water purification systems.

Key features of the Milli-Q® HR 7060 / 7120 / 7170 / 7220 systems include:

  • Advanced purification technologies for constant flow rate and reduced water consumption
  • Superior ergonomic design for quick and easy maintenance
  • An interactive touchscreen with helpful wizards for ease of operation and maintenance
  • Modern data management capabilities for greater accessibility and data traceability
  • Milli-Q® Connect remote monitoring and service capability
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