TruPAGE LDS Sample Buffer, 4x

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Brand :Sigma-Aldrich

TruPAGE LDS Sample Buffer, 4x

General description

TruPAGE LDS Sample Buffer should ALWAYS be used to prepare protein samples for use with TruPAGE precast gels to achieve optimal band resolution and sharpness. The sample buffer is specifically formulated to complement the TruPAGE running buffer system and to deliver the optimal denaturing conditions without causing sample degradation. Effective protein denaturation occurs at 70 °C instead of the much higher temperature required with Laemmli buffer.


TruPAGE LDS Sample Buffer-4× has been used in Western blotting.[1][2]

Features and Benefits

TruPAGE LDS Sample Buffer is specially formulated to be used with TruPAGE Precast Gels to provide optimal sample loading conditions for gel electrophoresis. TruPAGE LDS Sample Buffer can also be supplemented with TruPAGE DTT Sample Reducer if reducing sample conditions are desired. Please refer to the gel migration chart to select the appropriate gel and running buffer combination for your experimental needs.

Legal Information

TruPAGE is a trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC

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